February 13, 2016

Tommy Murrah  Someone once asked me why I do what I do. I replied because I can. I can make furniture, therefore, I do. The Sam Maloof artistic philosophy states, "The most important tools a man has are his hands." I take great pleasure in working with my hands and I enjoy the process of furniture making. It is a very rewarding experience to participate with the creative imagination and my "tools" in the craftsmanship of fine furniture.

  I like to think of myself as an heirloom furniture maker. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than taking old wormy chestnut lumber from a cabin I dismantled 30 years ago and crafting a beautiful piece of functional furniture that someone besides me is going to appreciate. I have crafted several Maloof inspired rocking chairs from a walnut tree that I saved from a Habitat for Humanity development. I have salvaged old heart pine lumber from a house that was torn down and will combine it with old wrought iron tables, thus giving both pieces a fresh, new look and life. I have a passion for salvaging wood that would otherwise be discarded and turning it into something new and useful in another form.

  I believe that my artistic vision, creative flair, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence are all incorporated into every piece of furniture that I design and produce. Beauty, functionality, and history embrace each piece of furniture that I make, and every piece has it’s own unique story. My goals as a furniture maker is to not only have a satisfied client, but to also satisfy my client’s grandchildren.